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The following charts, reports, and related files were created by Mary K. Stahl using her genealogy database (Reunion software package for the Mac).

These charts were compiled using information obtained from family histories (written and oral), the Ellis Island database, information found by searching Internet genealogy sites, and email correspondence with newly acquainted family members.

Some of the charts are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Disclaimer: The information contained in the charts and reports listed below is what I believe to be correct as of 13 June 2013 to the best of my knowledge and based on my source material. The sources I have relied on are listed at the end of each report. If any family member has corrections to this information, please let me and Philip know about them. Mailbox information is at the bottom of this page. Thanks! -- Mary

About the charts:

  • Cascading Pedigree charts show ancestry for the named person. They are one or 2 pages long, depending on the number of generations involved.
  • Family Register Reports are presented in a narrative style. These reports appear in separate web pages that can be printed out, if desired.
  • Descendants Reports are in plain text and represent simple listings of descendants from the top of the named tree.

The charts:

The information contained in these charts represents ongoing family history research. Please send any corrections to Mary K. Stahl ( and CC Philip Stahl (


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(Updated 13-Jun-2013 )

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